Sandstone entrances, Castlemaine

Ballarat, Gisborne, Geelong, Bacchus Marsh, Mt Macedon, Bendigo and Melbourne sandstone services

What’s the best way to make an entrance? Make it from sandstone, of course! D & K Sandstone has provided countless sandstone blocks for impressive sandstone entrances.

Whether it’s sandstone for the front gate of a homestead, or sandstone for the entrance of a family home, our Castlemaine sandstone quarry provides premium-quality materials. Our clients come from across Victoria, including Bacchus Marsh, Ballarat, Melbourne, Mt Macedon, Bendigo, Gisborne and Geelong.

Take a moment to inspect the sandstone entrances in our gallery of photographs and it’s easy to see why sandstone blocks make such an appealing and popular choice for entranceways.

Sandstone has a natural beauty that only improves with age and by its very nature is strong and durable. One of the oldest post-European-settlement structures still in operation today in Australia is a sandstone bridge, which is evidence of sandstone’sĀ enduring qualities.

If you’d like to know more about sandstone entrances or other sandstone products such as pillars and fireplaces or even sandstone houses and sandstone landscaping, make sure you contact D & K Sandstone, Castlemaine.