Sandstone Houses, Castlemaine

Sandstone for Geelong, Gisborne, Melbourne, Ballarat, Bacchus Marsh, Bendigo and Mt Macedon

There are numerous reasons for building a house from sandstone. It’s beautiful, it’s affordable and, importantly, it’s readily available from suppliers such as D & K Sandstone, Castlemaine.

Perhaps one of the most influential reasons for building a sandstone house is the return on investment. Sandstone has been a building material in Australia since European settlement and has long been a popular choice for home builders. But in recent years sandstone has enjoyed an upsurge in interest, and we believe some of the reason for the increased interest is research that shows a sandstone house has a value up to 10 percent more than a comparable house made from different materials. In a nutshell, the appeal of natural sandstone makes a sandstone home more valuable than a house not made from sandstone.

What makes a sandstone home more valuable than another? We believe it’s a combination of factors, including sandstone’s thermal properties, which perfectly suit the conditions of our harsh climate. Sandstone also has enviable acoustic qualities which keep sound out and serenity in.

D & K Sandstone has provided stone from our Castlemaine sandstone quarry for projects across Victoria, including Geelong, Melbourne, Gisborne, Ballarat, Bacchus Marsh, Bendigo and Mt Macedon and demand continues to grow.

And when you build a sandstone home, it’s easy to incorporate other sandstone features into the design and house surrounds. A Castlemaine sandstone fireplace is an attractive feature inside, while sandstone water features and sandstone paving can be garden highlights. There’s also the option of a sandstone entrance to your property, and even a sandstone bridge, if you want.

If you’re thinking of a building a sandstone house or even undertaking a sandstone restoration, contact D & K Sandstone. Combining our knowledge and experience with the rock from our sandstone quarry will ensure you have a sandstone home fit for a king.