Sandstone pillars, Castlemaine

Services for Bacchus Marsh, Bendigo, Melbourne, Mt Macedon, Ballarat, Gisborne and Geelong

Pillars serve various functions, ranging from simple ornament through to a crucial support for a building or other structure.

Whatever the purpose of your pillars, D & K Sandstone, Castlemaine, can provide sandstone blocks to create an imposing and eye-catching sandstone pillar that will endure and improve in appearance as it ages.

Our Castlemaine sandstone quarry has provided materials for sandstone pillar projects ranging from fence pillars through to grandiose gateway pillars. Whatever your imagination can conjure, our Castlemaine sandstone quarry can provide the materials to make the project a reality. We’ve seen letterboxes in Bacchus Marsh and Bendigo made from sandstone pillars, garden art in Melbourne and Mt Macedon made from sandstone pillars and even memorials at Ballarat from a pillar of sandstone.

The warmth and character of sandstone make it popular and appealing for a wide variety of projects in commercial and domestic situations from Gisborne to Geelong, and obviously not just pillars. So if pillars are not in your plans, D & K Sandstone can provide the sandstone building blocks for projects ranging from sandstone fireplaces and sandstone water features, right through to Castlemaine sandstone for restoration projects. Contact D & K Sandstone today and find out how we can help create your sandstone pillar or other project.