Sandstone Water Features, Castlemaine

Services for Ballarat, Bacchus Marsh, Mt Macedon, Melbourne, Bendigo, Gisborne and Geelong

Fountains and water features have had special appeal to mankind for thousands of years. In the past, water features served an essential purpose, providing a central source of drinking water and later they evolved to become grandiose focal points in gardens of the wealthy.

Today there’s little to stop anybody from enjoying the soothing visual and psychological appeal of garden water features – and at D & K Sandstone we believe sandstone water features stand out from the field.

Stone from our sandstone quarry is naturally beautiful but when wet takes on a whole new glistening elegance. Water brings out sandstone’s hidden qualities and adds new dimensions to its golden honey tones.

And not only is sandstone beautiful, it’s versatile. Our sandstone blocks come in various shapes and sizes and consequently can fit near-limitless design dimensions. Whether you want a pond with Castlemaine sandstone feature wall and base, bubbling fountain set in sandstone rocks or a pondless waterfall where water trickles over a sandstone structure, D & K Sandstone will provide the materials you require. We’ve been supplying Victorian designers for years, including sandstone garden landscape clients in Ballarat, Bacchus Marsh, Mt Macedon, Melbourne, Bendigo, Gisborne and Geelong. We happily share our knowledge and expertise to ensure your project is a success.

Sandstone carries its own natural beauty and is a natural complement to any garden landscape. Create a path of Castlemaine sandstone pavers leading up to your water feature, or perhaps add a sandstone pillar as a counterpoint to a fountain or a raised sandstone garden bed for an eye-catching floral display. Whatever your project, contact D & K Sandstone and make sandstone part of your plans.